Raptors in Flight

In response to a question about hawk identification on nextdoor.com (a neighborhood-based social media site), I posted a long discussion about the status of various raptors in our neighborhood. Someone posted a follow-up question about how to tell hawks from falcons in flight. I thought the easiest way to do that would be to postContinue reading “Raptors in Flight”

After the Rain

[Featured image: a Yellow-rumped Warbler feeds on laurel sumac berries] I had outdoor plans for early this morning, but upon awaking to the first rain of the fall, I decided I’d rather get some work done on the computer and enjoy my coffee. At around 9am or so, the clouds cleared over Mt. Washington andContinue reading “After the Rain”

An Eruption of Hemiptera

I took a short bird walk, as I often do, through Elyria Canyon Park this morning. Unlike yesterday’s fairly active day, today was a little boring with roughly half the species I had yesterday after one pass through the park. I decided not to walk back through and went home instead. There was one occurrenceContinue reading “An Eruption of Hemiptera”

Birding Elyria Canyon Park: Anatomy of a 50 Species Morning

One of my emphasis points this year as a birder is a heavy focus on covering my home area, or what birders refer to as a “patch”. The most important part of my home patch is Elyria Canyon Park, a 35-acre park right next door to my house that is managed by the Mountains RecreationContinue reading “Birding Elyria Canyon Park: Anatomy of a 50 Species Morning”